10+ Best Google Chrome Hidden Tricks & Tips


When talking about web browser Google Chrome come at the first. In 2008, Google Chrome was released for Windows later on it was officially released for different OS. Maybe you guys (NepTricks family) are also using Chrome web browser. So today, we bring the Best Google Chrome Hidden Tricks & Tips that will give the best internet surfing experience.

10+ Best Google Chrome Hidden Tricks & Tips
10+ Best Google Chrome Hidden Tricks & Tips

Best Google Chrome Hidden Tricks & Tips

Google Chrome is known for its user-friendly interface and fast and data saving features. So why not combine Google Chrome + Hidden Tricks & Tips = Geek Experience. We have listed Google Chrome Hidden Features below.

#1. Play and view Media.

In some cases, you haven’t install any kind of photo viewer and media player programs on your computer. It becomes the most frustrating thing and at that time all you need to do is drag and drop your medias on Chrome web browser. You can also view your PDF file.

#2. Text Editor.

While browsing the internet you got some interesting points, facts, topic etc. and want to note down that topic, or web address. At that time instead of launching text editor like notepad simply copy this text “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” and enter into Chrome address bar and it will launch text editor in it.

#3. Use Calculator

You are doing your mathematics subject homework and you don’t find your calculator that the time. Simply open your Chrome web browser and enter the value that you want to calculate ex. 10+8 it will automatically give you answer which is 10+8=18.

#4. Re-Open the accidentally closed tab

Sometimes you might close the wrong tab instead of closing the tab that you don’t want any more. It will take lots of time if you started searching it again on Google or History and also sometimes there is no chance of finding it. Simply press “Ctrl+Shift+T” recently closed it accidentally.

#5. Pin tabs

This trick is very to useful to those people who manage the website or need to visit some particular site time to time. Instead of typing web address on address bar imagine how fast & easy it will be to open that site with one click. Simply right-click on your tab which your site is open and click on “Pin Tab”.

#6. Find word definitions

While reading an article on a particular topic we often get some hard words that we don’t know. Searching for the word will somehow take about 30s. You can easily know the definition of that word only in a double-click. To do that so, you need to install Chrome extension known as Google Dictionary“. Once you install this chrome utility it will enable double click to know Definition feature.

Google Dictionary (by Google)
Google Dictionary (by Google)
Developer: Google
Price: Free

#7. Task manager

Chrome has inbuilt task manager features in it. With the help of this feature, you can know the memory used by Google Chrome and its extension and control it by stopping that high memory used by the extension. To launch the task manager press “Shift+Esc” or right click on Chrome top bar and launch it manually.

#8. Incognito Browsing

When you use Incognito Browsing the browser won’t save any kind of data including your browsing history, password, etc. You can use this feature to surf the internet on public computer Like on cyber by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+N” on your keyword.

#9. See Saved Passwords

If you want to manage or see the saved password on your google chrome simply enter this “chrome://settings/passwords” on your address box in google chrome. After you hit enter you will be taken to the password managing page.

#10. Play T-Rex/Dino Game

You can play the inbuilt Dino game of chrome. Its a feature provided by chrome to you. When the chrome fails to connect to the internet, you can play the Dino game on your Chrome web browser by pressing ‘Space’ key and wait until the chrome establishes a connection successfully.

#11. Translate language

You might get annoyed when you want the guide on some useful topic and the article is provided in the different language. At that time you can simply translate it into any language just by right click and tap “Translate to English”. To translate it to custom language simply click on the Translate icon on right side of URL Box.

Final Words

So this was The 10+ Best Google Chrome Hidden Tricks & Tips that you must know. This chrome secret hidden feature will make your life easier. Share this with your mates and let them know this tricks and secret feature of Chrome. If you know any kind of Google Chrome tricks let us know in the comment section below.


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