How to Remove Password from PDF Files Without Software


Did you got PDF file with protected with password? Yes? Aww!! don’t worry here is a solution for you. In this tutorial, You will learn to remove password from PDF without software. All you need is Google Chrome and installed on your PC.

Remove Password From PDF File Without Software
How To Remove Password From PDF File Without Software

PDF is format or extension which is used for sharing info including text formatting and inline images in one file. Now PDF is most popular file format for sharing documents. But, the most annoying thing is some PDF File is encrypted with a password. You need a password to access that PDF file whenever you try to open it.

PDF was developed by Adobe in June 15, 1993.

While protecting PDF file with a password is really a good idea decision but sometimes we forgot PDF password. So with this trick, you will be able to remove password from PDF file without software.

How to Remove Password from PDF Files Without Software

Since, there are lots of free PDF password remover tools available on the internet which offer us to remove password from PDF file. Only a few of them are legit rest of others are fake and infected with the virus. So today we are using Google Chrome to remove password protection from PDF file. Now simply follow the given steps below and unlock your password protected PDF file within minutes.

Remove password from PDF using Chrome 2017

Step #1- Open the PDF file on Google Chrome. Well, there are lots of methods to open files on Google Chrome. If you still don’t know use any of the methods below.

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  •  Launch Google Chrome browser on your PC.
  • Drag a file that you want to open and drop it in Chrome.
  • Press ‘CTRL + O‘ button and choose the file.
  • Right click on your file and Navigate to Open With the select Google Chrome.

Step #2- Now Google Chrome will prompt you to enter the password. Simply open the print mode by pressing ‘CTRL + P‘.

Step #3- Then change the Destination to ‘Save File as PDF‘ and save it.

Step #4- Finally open the currently saved PDF file. Now your PDF file is no longer locked with a password.

Dang!!! You have successfully removed password for PDF without software.

Wrapping Up: The step given above was all about unlocking PDF file. By following the upper tutorials we hope that you have successfully remove password protection from PDF file. We do not guarantee this trick will work for all kind of encryption. Please do share.


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